In the fall of 2010, I set out to design a computer game each day - on the theme kitchen sink realism. In the majority of computer games you retreat into some kind of world more fun, exciting or dangerous than your everyday life (I would say this also is one of the primary motivations behind games that aren't necessarily played on the computer, like chess or football). In other words: most computer games are in some ways an escapist form of pleasure.

What would happen if you removed this criteria?

One of the games resulting from this project is Dysthymia. It's about being clinically depressed. You walk around in your appartment, interact with various objects, and eat your medicine. The primary goal of the game is to avoid committing suicide or accidently taking an overdose of your medicine. It's a really really boring game.

The game is available for windows and mac and can freely be downloaded and distributed
(but you're not allowed to sell it nor are you allowed to modify it in any way).

download dysthymia for windows
download dysthymia for OS X

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